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April 21, 2021

Average Joe (18+): The Obsession III
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Average Joe (18+): The Obsession III

Karen rode me like a pro. The same girl who cancelled a date because she had a meeting at the church?!

All I could do then was close my eyes and enjoy every minute. My hands grabbed her huge buttcheeks and squeezed. I was tempted to spank her but I didn’t want to go that far yet. Just let her do her thing so you can see her wild she really is. After a while of going back and forth she stopped, and began going up and down. I had always considered Nigerian chicks so lazy at sex. They left all the hardwork to the guys since we are the ones who really chase after them for months. But here I was being fucked by a Nigerian chick who fucked like a porn actress.

Karen moaned with each slap of her buttocks on my pelvis. I suddenly wished I was filming the event. I had had sex with a number of chicks but Karen was the first chick who actually showed a lot of energy in her fucking, she made it look like it was her craft and she carried it out with utmost zeal and confidence.

I felt my orgasm approach a couple of times but I tried my best to hold it back in just so I could enjoy the prolonged sensation of being fucked by a chick who loved to fuck.

Karen leaned towards me and brought her face to mine. I felt her hot breath on my chin as she bit it softly. I held her face in my hands and kissed her. Her tongue burrowed into my mouth and played with mine. She moaned deeply and mumbled some incoherent words as her climax approached her.

Her hips moved a little faster and with each movement came a moan even more deeper than before. I grabbed her buttcheeks once more and thrust into her from beneath as fast as I could. I felt my orgasm coming once more, this time…I didn’t hold back. I went in as fast and as deep as I could and Karen’s loud moans filled my ears. I let out a loud shout like I was in some intense battle and I was mustering all the energy in me to slay my enemy. I felt Karen’s cum drip down from her onto my crotch even after I had cum and fell back on the bed slowly.

She kissed me once more before sliding to the side and caressing my chest. Her hand slid down to my dick. She took off the rubber and threw it to the side. Then she began to slowly caress my dick, all the time looking into my eyes.

I looked at her and still saw desire in her eyes. I was quite spent but it seemed that she wanted more.

“Hey… aren’t you going to let him rest for a bit?” I asked nodding towards the direction of my dick.

She smiled and said… “Remember what I said about fucking my brains out?”

“Yeah, I do. I’m still gonna do that.”

“How are you going to do that when you’re breathing so hard after just one round with you lying on your back the whole time?”

I looked at her with a new set of eyes. What is this chick? A bloody machine?

“What  are you trying to say Karen? That I’m weak?”

“Hahaha. No. I’m not saying you are. Just that you are supposed to be fucking my brains out and my brains are still right here inside my head and not cloudy by any chance”

I thought that she was challenging me. Me, Jonathan. Me who should not be challenged.

My stupid brain didn’t tell me that she was actually using me. So responding to her ‘challenge’ I got on top of her and placed both her hands beside her, holding her down while my body lay on top of her.

“So you want me to fuck your brains out, huh?” My dick had already gotten enraged from her stroking and my sudden excitement.  While still laying on her, I kissed her,biting her lower lip and making her moan in pain. While she moaned I suddenly thrust my enraged dick all the way into her pussy.

“OH GOD YESSSSS” She cried. Her eyes shut and her pussy walls suddenly clenched tight on my dick.

Her hand tried to caress my back but I grabbed it and placed it back on the bed, holding her down while I gave her forceful, calculated thrusts in the missionary.

Karen wailed with every incursion of my cock, her pussy engulfing the whole of it. I began to thrust into her a little faster and her waist moved in symphony, her pussy accepting me and trying to fuck me back. I went in even faster and harder, the feel of my dick on her walls driving me mad, her perfect  boobs dancing in many directions as we both writhed on the bed like snakes.

Her moans got louder as my thrusts got harder, she called my name a few times, urging me on. When I felt she had gotten to a point where her orgasm was near I suddenly stopped and withdrew from her.

Her eyes was closed for just one second before she opened it, her face rumpled into a frown and she looked at me in shock.

“WHAT HAPPENED? Why did you stop?”

I didn’t say anything. I just smiled, then chuckled.

I grabbed her waist and flipped her over, making her lie on her face with her ass facing me. I slapped both buttcheeks simultaneously twice just like a Konga drum. Now I could spank her indiscreetly since I had discovered she wasn’t just an ordinary chick.

I used my erect dick to trace a line down her ass crack until I got to the swollen lips between her legs, finding my way in as she arched her back to aid in my entrance. I went in slowly from behind. Each thrust from me made her moan into the pillow her head rested on. The sight of her butt jiggling every time I went in was magnificent. The sound of my pelvis slapping hard and fast on her huge butt was awesome. I fucked Karen like I was a sex starved inmate who hadn’t seen pussy in years. Karen took in all of me and everything I had to offer. I fucked her hard and came again inside of her, then I collapsed on the bed beside her.

When I could finally find my voice again, the first thing I could say was…

“You’re gonna take pills right?”

She smiled that crazy smile of hers and said… “you don’t have to worry. I can take care of myself.”

“So… did I succeed in fucking out that brain of yours?” I asked.

“Oh well… you tried”, she said and her hands went down my torso and found my dick. She started playing with it again. I was like…is this chic even human at all? What if she’s an ogbanje? What the fuck have I gotten myself into? Hayyy Fadaludd?!?!?!

And before I could let her know that I was tired and we needed to rest, Karen had already slid down to the edge of the bed and taken my dick into her warm, soft mouth.

To be continued.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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