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June 4, 2020
Average Joe (18+): Stripper’s Affair III

Average Joe (18+): Stripper’s Affair III

I couldn’t wait, I chilled at a corner of the room, exchanging laughs with Charles and Gbenga. Lisa, the lesbian chick was sitting with the stripper girl she’d kissed before. I was hardly interested in anything that was going on around me, my whole mind and body looked forward to the events that were about to happen that night. While I sat there waiting, Lisa and the girl she had been talking to had disappeared into one of the inner rooms. I imagined what was going on between those two where ever they had gone to and my dick got a bit harder in my crotch.

Kimberly walked up to me, dressed in new clothes. Her make-up done again. She looked even more beautiful. She sat beside me holding a glass of some transparent liquid I guessed could be either white wine or vodka. She sipped it slowly without saying anything. She just glanced around at other guys in the room before her eyes finally settled on mine that had been staring at her.

“So, when are we leaving?” she asked.

Her question startled me but I didn’t waste time in blurting out an answer.

“uhm…right now. Let me just tell these guys.”

“Okay. I’ll be outside.”

Our conversation was short but precise. Nobody else heard it over the loud Nigerian music playing over the home theatre. I told Charles that I was leaving. He told me he couldn’t find the people he came with. I told him it was not my problem and left him there, drunk and very flabbergasted.

I went outside, receiving the fresh, unsoiled air that pleased my lungs. The room I’d just come out from had a mixture of different kind of pleasant and unpleasant odour and I wondered how I’d managed to stay in there for so long.

Then I remembered. Kimberly, the pretty stripper. I looked around where the cars were parked and I spotted her leaning on a black Toyota corolla. I walked towards her, I hadn’t even finished taking all the steps involved in reaching her when she reached out to me, grabbed my shirt and brought her lips to mine. Her lips tasted of vodka I sucked at them as sensual as I could, I ran my hands down the small of her back and grabbed her fat asscheeks. I moaned, she moaned back.

She dragged me further into the shadows and suddenly she had squatted and in the blink of an eye she’d brought out my dick through the fly of my jeans. The warmth of her mouth around my cock was awesome. She sucked me so hard that I had to lean on the car for support.

I never knew what I’d done to deserve such a wonderful treat from a girl I hardly knew. Who knows, maybe its because of my sterling character, or wonderful facial arrangement, whatever it is, I’m grateful for it. I just basked in the gloriousness of the moment. Let her do her ‘job’ I told myself. And yes, Kimberly’s job on me was quite professional.

By the time she took all of me into her mouth I was moaning a bit too loud. She seemed to enjoy herself as she moaned her appreciation of how good my cum tasted. She sucked me up so good. My load filled her mouth and she swallowed everything. It was so damn sweet and so damn sexy.

“Wow” was all I could mutter after she was done. “Wow” I said again.

She laughed and stood up after tucking my flaccid dick back in. “Are you tired already?”

“Tired?” I asked. “We haven’t even done anything yet.”

She smiled, then she turned around and used her butt to twirl around my crotch. Very slowly, dancing to the music coming from inside the house. She told me to hold her hips, I did. She bent down low and held the floor, using her butt to twirl even faster around my crotch. I could feel my dick coming back to life, I raised her tight gown up to reveal her soft asscheeks. There were no panties, I licked my index finger and inserted it into her pussy.

She moaned and came back up, she brought her cheeks to mine, I kissed her neck. My free hand caressed her boobs and squeezed her nipples. She reached for my fly once more and released my cock.

“Fuck me, Joe” she said.

I reached in my back, picked and put on the rubber I had put in there for a purpose like this. I rolled it down my turgid dick till it was all covered up. Then I lifted her up and placed her on the bonnet of the black corolla. The cool night air even made it sweeter, I parted her legs, gave her pussy a few moments of pleasure with my tongue, before guiding the tip of my cock inside her waiting orifice.

She gasped and reached for her clit. She massaged it vigorously as I began to thrust in her rhythmically. She moaned, and kept moaning. I held both thighs, with legs on my shoulders, and increased the speed of my thrusts.

She mumbled rubbish I couldn’t make sense of. Her pussy walls gripped my dick and her hips began to twirl irregularly. She massaged her clit faster, harder. She told me to go faster. I went faster. My pelvis hitting hard on her pubis. She reached for me and grabbed my shirt. I dropped both legs and grabbed her ass.

I made her turn around and lay face down, I hit it with all the energy I could muster. She almost yelled as my dick reached the innermost parts of her vagina. She whimpered like a dog, the sound she made would have confused me if I myself wasn’t approaching cloud nine already.

I slammed even harder into her until I could feel the constriction of my balls and my load shot out once more from the tip of my penis. The rubber did well to keep it from going forth into her pussy to fertilize some very ripe ovaries and begin to create little Jonathans.

We lay there for a moment. She on the bonnet. Me on her back. Catching our breath. Then I got up and got myself back in shape. But she refused to get up from the car. I wondered what was wrong. Then I asked her. And her reply was.

“I think your condom broke. I could feel your hot seed swimming all the way inside of me.”

Oh… fuck.

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