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May 28, 2020
Average Joe (18+): Meeting Ms. Joy IV

Average Joe (18+): Meeting Ms. Joy IV

All I wanted to do at that moment was grab my clothes and put them on, rush to my place, do a change of clothes to remove the feminine smell and drive all the way across town to where Joy was moist and wet, waiting for me. But as I saw Amaka laying there, touching herself… I just couldn’t. I threw my phone to the side and went straight between Amaka’s legs. My tongue was already going in deep to taste her sweetness when she pushed my head away and suddenly closed her legs.

“Who was that on the phone?” she asked me.

“W-what?” I blurted out. I couldn’t believe she’d just ended my tongue-exploring-her-pussy venture just to ask me that.

“The person you just spoke to on the phone? Tell me. Who was it?”

“Babe, it was nobody” I said and tried to reach for her leg so I could part one from the other and continue where I’d been rudely interrupted.

“Joey, stop it.” She barked and slapped my hands away.

“Amaka. What is going on?”

“You’re lying to me. It was a lady that called you, right?”

“It was no lady. Just some guy I’ve been having some dealings with during the week. It was a very important call which involved a lot and that’s why I had to take it. If that annoyed you, I’m so sorry.” I tried to kiss her but she turned her face away?

“So you’re gay now?” Amaka asked me?

“Huh? What the fuck? How can you ask me that? I just made love to you.”

“Then how the heck did you get a boner while talking business with ‘some guy’ Joey?”

Fuck. She had seen my erect penis before I had managed to restore it to normal.

I couldn’t say anything. How could I explain that bloody erection? It just happened involuntarily. Like a reflex action. Just the way Mother Nature designed it. Ms Joy’s voice through the phone had caused blood to rush into my penis and there was no way I could stop it. It was so sudden and unexpected. And I hadn’t even bothered to wear shorts before stepping outside. She had me right just where she wanted me and I couldn’t even look her in the eyes and deny nor defend myself.

“So I am right, then. It was a lady.” Amaka said. Arms folded. Leg crossed.

I kept quiet. I ran my hand over my head and looked at everywhere but into her eyes. I didn’t want to see whether she was sad or angry or betrayed or indifferent. When she realized I wasn’t going to speak she got under the duvet and pulled it up to cover herself. She’d become a ‘no-go-area; to me now. Just like that. I never wanted it to end like this. But I didn’t want to lie to her because I cared about her so much.

“It’s okay, Joey” she said with a cold, emotionless voice. “You can go. Don’t keep her waiting.”

And just then my phone began to ring again… as if it was trying to support Amaka’s last statement. I didn’t need to pick it up to know it was Joy calling. I got up from the bed and put my clothes on. Grabbed my phone and my keys. In all that time she didn’t say anything. And just before I left, I planted a kiss on her forehead and whispered to her.

“I’m sorry, babe.”

“Go faster Joe. Oh yeah, faster. Ooooh yesss, baby. Faster please. Oh sweet lord. Aaah yeaaass”

Joy furiously rubbed at her clitoris as I slammed my pelvis against hers. Both her legs were raised in the air. My hands were rested on both arms of the couch. Her other hand was caressing my face. She inserted a finger in my mouth. Then two. Then she pulled my head closer to hers and kissed me. I fucked her even faster than she requested. Her moaning and wailing even got louder… just like in those porn movies I used to watch in my teenage years.

I could feel my climax approaching and I began to groan. Her pussy was so warm, soft and wet. Very wet. She had cum twice already and her cum was leaking from where my dick was thrusting into. She rubbed her hands on my back as I fucked her with all my strength and might. And just as I was about to cum… I thought of Amaka. With that thought, I let out a loud scream.

In anger and pleasure, as my cum shot deep inside of her and I could feel the tip of my dick connect with the innermost parts of her vagina. I couldn’t stop myself. I just kept thrusting till I couldn’t do so anymore.

When I regained my senses I found myself resting my head on Joy’s soft thighs. She sat on the couch and caressed my face, my beard. Toyed with my ear. I was still trying to catch my breath.

“Hey Joe?” Joy called to me. I grunted a response. I couldn’t muster the energy to speak yet.

“Joe. I think…” she paused. I waited.

“I think… I may have fallen in love with you.”

I just kept quiet. This was the second time that night a lady was expressing her feelings about me, and the first time hadn’t ended so well’

“Well… aren’t you going to say anything?”

I didn’t want to say anything. Jonathan wasn’t some sort of lover-boy. Naah. Jonathan was the kinda guy who loved to be unrestricted to one particular lady. He couldn’t even remember all the girls he’d fucked in his lifetime and he didn’t want to stop fucking new girls. But Joy wasn’t just another girl to fuck and dump and move to the next.

She was a wealthy woman. Beautiful. Elegant. Intelligent. Someone he could be with and be cool with. But Jonathan was not ready to settle for a long-term relationship. The lady he should’ve done that with will probably never speak to him again.

I raised my head and looked at Joy. She had an expectant look on her face.

“I’m sorry that I made you to fall in love with me, here I was thinking that it was just the sex that we both wanted.”

That was also the last night I saw Ms. Joy. She never called me again after that.


Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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