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April 20, 2021

Average Joe (18+): Best Friend’s Wife IV
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Average Joe (18+): Best Friend’s Wife IV

I didn’t feel any guilt as I carried  Tolu upstairs into the bedroom. Neither did I feel any guilt when she sucked my dick like some delicious candy.  I lay on the bed, my head propped on a pillow as I observed her, the lady who was getting married in a few days, suck me off, yet again, I didn’t feel any guilt. Tolu was here because she wanted to be… and we were doing this because we had wanted it for a long time.

Tolu climbed on top of me kissed my chest, my chin, my lips… as she used one hand to guide my very erect penis inside of her, we used used a rubber the first time but now I didn’t care anymore. I felt my hardness slowly find its way into her softness.

Tolu gasped and moaned as my whole length found its way into her pussy then she put both hands on my chest and began to ride me slowly. Her boobs moving in rhythm with her oscillating hips. I reached for them and squeezed, tweaking her nipples gently.

She moaned even more deeply. Her eyes closed, her thoughts focused on achieveing the best of pleasure. The movement of her hips began to increase and I could feel her pussy walls tighten around my dick.

Oh, it felt so damn good!

I could feel my hips begin to move of their own accord once more as I tried to fuck her from beneath. I grabbed her ass and raised it up a bit as I slammed hard and fast into her from beneath, making her moans get louder. Her face was in mine, her lips on mine.

She kissed me passionately as I fucked her, she didn’t care anymore if this was just sex. Her sexual desires had taken over her reasoning. I felt my climax on the verge of exploding then abruptly I stopped. My hip in mid air…and I let my climax subside while Tolu moaned incoherent words in my ear.

She had cum already and her juices flowed freely from her. I laid back down on the bed and she continued to ride me once more. I felt my heart beat so fast even for its own good. Tolu held my face in her hands and continued to kiss me. Our lips and tongues exchanged so much that night while my dick continued to be devoured by her pussy. It didn’t take so long for my climax to return.

I quickly disengaged from her, made her lie in the bed face down with her ass in my view and part her thighs. I dived in there once more with my tongue and ate her out some more till her huge ass was pushing into my face and almost suffocating me. Then I put her legs back together, and used my dick to enter into her pussy from behind. She was so damn wet. I lay on her back, our bodies together. I kissed her neck, licked her earlobes then I whispered something into her ear.

“I don’t want this night to be the only night of you having the best sex ever.”

I proceeded to slam into her as fast and as hard as I could from behind. Tolu never expected what I’d just told her,  never did she expect the speed and strength I used to fuck her, her moans became screams.

Her screams made me even wilder. I paused… caught my breath for a few seconds… then I continued. I felt my climax grip my whole being. It was so intense and violent that I grabbed Tolu’s head from behind and pinned her down into the bed almost as if I wanted to choke her. I felt the last of my seed shoot right into her before dropping like a sack of cement beside her and passing out in seconds.

When I woke up, it was morning and Tolu was not there, I sat up in the bed and called her name and just as I made to leave the bed I saw her note by the bedside table.

“Hey Jo, good morning. Thanx for last night. It was the best sex ever. I’ll never forget that. But I’m getting married so I’m sorry to say that it will never happen again. Thanx all the same. Go and get your heart checked before you die on top of a woman. Lol. Tolu.”

I laughed at her last comment. She was right. I needed to get my heart checked. I couldn’t believe I passed out like that. But reading the note again… I knew last night wasn’t going to be the last time. Even if she was getting married, somewhere in her heart… I knew she felt something for me.

And there is an unwritten rule… that any lady who had been fucked by Joe, always came back for more.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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