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April 20, 2021

Auntie Tope’s itchy distress II (18+)
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Auntie Tope’s itchy distress II (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

“You are better now ma?”, I asked again after rubbing the area now and again

“Ehmmm….yes…”, she was struggling to speak. I could even hear her heart beat irrationally faster

“So I can let go now?” I was innocently looking up at her rather tense face, trying my best to remain the good boy.

“No Danny…please move further to the right” she closed her eyes momentarily and then brought out her tongue slightly to lick her lower lip. I could feel the tension in the room double

“Right? Right still?”

“Ehmmm…ughhh…yea…right please Danny…”

“Okay ma…I replied” while moving my fingers right-wards until they were just cupping her pussy! I could unarguably smell her. She was undoubtedly aroused

“Yea! Just there Danny!”, she spontaneously said loudly as soon as my fingers touched her covered pussy! “Just there! Scratch me there baby!” Both her oily hands were now at the edge of the counter and they grabbed it with so much grit!

I felt my throat swallow hard, Mom was going to cut off my head and serve it to me in a plate if she ever stepped into the kitchen now. She was likely still at the back garden burning some of the refuse I had grazed out earlier. But she was definitely going to get done anytime. And if she was to come into the kitchen only to find me on my knees and directly facing Auntie Tope’s panty-covered pussy, I would need the entire world to convince her otherwise.

“Scratch my vagi…I mean scratch me Danny!” Auntie Tope resumed with her plea. While I calmly went about her latest wish, I still obviously heard her rather sullied choice of words

I stretched out my palm anyways and at a go, collected her entire meaty pussy in my hand! That instant, I saw her lick her lips in pleasure as she stretched out her entire self, as though she was pulling her upper body upwards. I was only beginning though for I went ahead to rub, caress, scratch and massage the increasingly soaking mound! It wasn’t just a whiff I was perceiving anymore – her cunt scent was more than filling the air at this stage!

I was barely started when I then felt her right hand on my head! She was brazenly encouraging me to go ahead now as I shamelessly rubbed her concealed pussy! I had rubbed it so hard already that her panty was now a mess of wet musky cotton with strands of hair sticking out at a couple places. When a finger incidentally went around her band and into her panty, she practically skipped!!

“Oh father lawwd!!” she was shivering! The hand on my head clung onto my hair so tightly!

I tore away the hand on my dick and grabbed her right thigh, thus steadying her but she instantly swung the left one up, bringing it onto the top of the counter! As she did, she pulled her denim down both thighs! I was openly presented with her entire pelvis!

“Are you better now Auntie? Should I stop?” I heard myself suddenly ask, rather dumbly and quite stupidly

“Noooo!!….nooo Danny baby! go on!” she had her head thrown back with her eyes shut tightly. “Keep scratching please. Keep scratching until the itching is gone baby!

I was trying to make up my mind as to how to proceed from that moment. I wouldn’t know if to pull her panty to the side or to leave it strapped to her pussy.  Sincerely speaking I was desperate to see her naked pussy and the musky scent reaching my nose was one of the most intoxicating thing I had sniffed in a long time! But it wasn’t going to be easy for me going on to undress her completely even though that might be what she wished, at least without her inducing that herself. I had my hand back on my dick again and was gently wanking it through the fabric of the shorts. I was still doing so, when auntie Tope by herself, got the hand on my head over to her panty and right before me, pulled the panty to the side, revealing one of the most alluring pussies I had ever seen.

The pussy was so pretty and equally drenched, with white pussy cream graciously sipping out of its opening.  As predicted, there were stubs of hair and you could tell she hadn’t shaved for quite some time but it never made the pussy look any less attractive.

When auntie Tope’s hand returned to my head and slightly pulled my head a little towards her, I instantly registered what she wished I could do to her! My right hand that was initially on her panty, was now on her thigh, but just after nudging my head forward a little, she grabbed my hand and brought it to her vulva!

“Scratch me here honey…” her eyes were closed again as she made my hand come in contact with her immensely soaked cunt! As soon as I found her hole, I let two fingers slide into her! She uncoiled that instant!

I responded by pulling down the front side of my shorts and freeing my member! I was now too aroused to care how brazen what we were doing was. I was soon wanking my meat as I kept gliding my soaked fingers in and out of auntie Tope’s drenched pussy.

She never stopped pouring still and soon I had quite a pool in the cusp of my bare palm! I wasn’t thinking of any itching or scratching at that point anymore even though auntie Tope was still clearly playing that script! It has obviously graduated to something much more sensual and none of us would deny not expecting it to turn so even before we began. When a third finger entered the gooey love pot, mom’s friend curled herself and in a jerk, clamped her thighs into me, thus trapping my hand in her well poked pussy!

I pulled the legs apart again, and after setting her up properly, brought my mouth to her musky pussy! She screamed! Then she brought a hand over her mouth at once, but that didn’t stop her body from convulsing strongly as warm clear fluid began to sip into my mouth from her drenched pussy! – her first orgasm.

I held onto her thighs tightly as she kept pouring into my mouth amid stifled shriek! When she was done, she leaned back into the kitchen wall behind her, pulled off her trousers completely, and spread her legs even wider – an invite to eat her out as much as I wished.

As I began chewing away her clit, vulva and hole, she pulled out one of her large boobs and began to give it a squeeze. I stretched one of my hands upwards and joined her! I caught her right nipple in my fingers and thoroughly kneaded it. Nevertheless, I never stopped wanking my pulsating dick as we went, even as my precum covered my fingers in sticky goo.

When auntie Tope’s eyes accidentally found my dick for the first time they instantly widened out! She was probably surprised at the sheer size of the thing! Before I could even switch my hand to her other boob, she had dropped a hand requesting for my dick. I had to pull away from her cunt so as to rise to my feet. My entire mouth and face smelt of pussy and never stopped glistening of cunt juice! It didn’t stop her from kissing me though as soon as she got me to stand. We flicked our tongues and sucked on our lips! Then she got hold of my big member.

“Uhmmm…” she moaned in glee. She was apparently pleased by what she was seeing.

I grabbed her ass and began to massage her left cheek. She responded by spreading her standing legs before eventually bending forward to take my dick in her mouth! I never knew auntie Tope was this skillful in ‘bedmatics’ and she was very much being the challenge.

She played with the knob on my dick and then gradually swallowed the shaft all through to the middle! It predictably gagged her but I was forced to come very close to cumming as a result of the sensation, so I had to quickly pull out of her mouth. She grinned on knowing what happened as several ropes of her saliva tracked my dick from her mouth.

She took hold of my slippery dick again but only kept it going in and out of her mouth! She let her tongue play with the underside of the shaft as it went in and would swirl the tip with the same tongue as it went out! I was simply in the temple of ecstasy.

When she had gone the rounds, she lifted the pole and picked my balls with her mouth! She alternated the attention she was giving them even as her sticky saliva drooled from my stretched sack! When I felt I couldn’t handle her anymore, I turned her around and got her bent over the counter! Her pussy looked ever so inviting at that point and I was quick to align my dick just at the tip. After pulling down the hindering panty, I got my dick to slide into auntie Tope’s wet pussy.

She curved her back as soon as she received my dick, grabbing the counter edge even tighter! From gentle slow strokes, I gradually graduated to quick firm ones! She had part of her top stuffed in her mouth to keep her from yelling loudly thus causing her large beautiful boobs to hang out from the top. As I fucked her with all my strength, they both swirled and dangled to and fro


I was barely close to a break when auntie Tope had her second orgasm of the day! She actually had a squirt and before I could get my dick partially out, she was already spraying my waist and thigh with her clear fluid! However, I instantly returned my dick right inside of her as soon as she shot the last drop, leaving her convulsing at the resumed impact.

I started banging her again with renewed vigour, taking the time to smack her jiggly ass as it gyrated persistently at every thrust of my hip. When she told me she was about to cum again, rather surprisingly, I still went ahead to grab her hip and then plunged my dick as deep as I could remaining that way for as long as I could.

She went nuts and the manner of her climax ended up pushing my dick out of her pussy with a pop. Her pussy generously poured her juices and our bodies were instantly made a mess of sex fluids and sweat by the time she had calmed down. Remarkably, she was finding it hard to stand anymore, so I had to help her to get on top of the counter again. I had fucked her until her legs went wobbly!

After giving her pussy a few wet strokes with my tongue, to which he jerked uncontrollably, I gently penetrated her again, ramming my dick all the way to my balls. Our eyes met and unlike before, I now unmistakably found passion in hers. She however swung both her hands and hung them across my neck as I began ‘rammering’ her burning cunt with my engorged dick.

I fucked her until my strokes became a blur of quick moving objects! She hadn’t stopped pouring her juices still and it was so much a lubrication as I kept pounding the stars out of her! Each stroke soon began making squashy sounds as my tool drove in and out of her drenched whole. As soon as my dick slid out in the furry, her cunt juice followed suit! She was unbelievably sweet to fuck.


It was not until I resumed fucking her again, that I began feeling my own orgasm build up. I was pounding her pussy while our mouths were engaged in a french kiss! Then she withdrew her mouth and told me that she wanted me to cum inside of her. This really surprised me while also bringing me to the edge, so I increased my tempo and began to bang away with much more intensity. She was soon yelling even though she returned her hand to her mouth to stop herself.

I grabbed one of her heaving bobs and began massaging it, occasionally bending low to suck on the nipple! Anyways, I gave in to pleasure when her other hand came around my bare ass, grabbing it and pushing me further into her pussy! I was barely 4 strokes in when I began shooting my seeds into her! I groaned heavily while she quickly got her legs to clamp just behind my buttocks.

I never seemed to stop cumming though as loads of cum kept pouring out while we resumed our deep kissing. This was the exact point, pandemonium broke out.

“Tope baby?…” That was mom’s voice! She was definitely heading to the kitchen out of the blues! “Where una dey?!” hell had just broken loose, I thought!

I hurriedly pulled out of auntie Tope leaving a thick trail of cum sipping out of her pussy as I bent for my shorts; thus causing my still stiff cock to spray additional ropes of my spunk across the floor and the counter top as it dangled about ridiculously.

I was suddenly pitying auntie Tope who had totally gone naked below even though I was sure I wouldn’t be spared if mom ever caught her nude!

“Oh…you guys are still here! And yet to finish the meat?!” she was looking at the meat I had in my hand which I had miraculously picked off the bowl just as she entered! I was spectacularly sweating “You guys are funny o!”

“Is power back?”, auntie Tope cut in, obviously attempting to detract attention from us. She was profusely sweating too but was suddenly looking fully dressed, with her boobs already stuffed back into her blouse. How she had managed to dress up within split seconds was inexplicably mysterious.

“Not yet baby”, answered a non-suspecting mom. “I wanted to ask you where you kept that pink shower cap. I want to have a quick bath. My body sucks right now”

“Check the bathroom. I left it there this morning”, auntie tope had already picked up her own chunk of meat and was chewing away. How mom hasn’t been able to link both our sweating bodies to anything sinister was very unusual of her.

In a moment, mum was already walking away. I couldn’t believe how lucky we had been! Although, I kept thinking I knew exactly how lucky, until I eventually turned around to wash my hands after returning the meat I was initially eating. Astonishingly, auntie Tope had actually been far from anything dressed all this while. In fact, she was still entirely nude with her trousers and panty on the floor. She was only fortunate to have been hidden by the height of the kitchen counter.

When my eyes met hers, she had this naughty smirk on her face and as soon as I traced her arms to where they were, I was amazed to find them pulling her moist pussy lips apart; suggestively displaying her pussy once more for me. Auntie Tope wanted me to scratch her thigh again; just like we did before…or so it seemed!

After waving my head and smiling to myself, I turned off the water faucet and began walking over to her with my dick in my hand.

***The End***

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