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5 Days have passed since Emmanuel received that phone call from Nikky. The assignment wasn’t the first of its kind; he had helped her execute some other assignment of this nature.

An antagonist named Jibola was his last kill for Nikky, he was trying to overthrow Nikky from her enterprise few years ago. Emmanuel was ruthless on that one, made sure it looked like an angry crowd mobbed him. Jibola’s personality made sure it was believable for people.

He was a rude stingy self centred prick. The job was fun for Emmanuel as he and his entourage dressed as Police officers.

They installed a fake checkpoint at a dodgy location they  were sure he would pass through. It was few minutes after midnight in a very silent area of Ikeja. As he passed, they stopped his car. Jibola as typical of him insulted and cursed the policemen. They ordered him out of the car, which he was very opposed to. He was dragged out of the car and descended on. Emmanuel’s entourage of drunken policemen dished out merciless pounding on Jibola.

During the pounding, Emmanuel brought out a knife and stabbed Jibola aimlessly. They left him for dead, Emmanuel was sure Jibola wouldn’t survive the next 10 minutes. Jibola’s blood had soaked their Policemen attire, they removed the clothes and threw them away.

Emmanuel paid his entourage of 4 people, N40, 000 each and kept what was left of the N500,000 he was paid for the job. Sweet memories of the job he reminisced.

However, this new assignment is more tedious. This one is for two friends. Tailing them around was the boring part of the job. He hated it.

Their schedules were always different, they were both good friends, he had seen them have lunch together and all but he still couldn’t get how best to execute the 2 of them at once. Emmanuel always admitted that he was very lazy, he had been cracking his head on how to make this assignment easy for himself.

He had given up on Seyi for today, the guy’s movement was too complex, he chose to tail Kelechi today.  In his rickety Volkswagen Santana hatchback cab, he bought the cab at his mechanic’s workshop for N85, 000. He was sure it would come in handy very soon, and time was now.

Kelechi wasn’t much of an outgoing person, he just visited a couple of places which included his long visit to Bank after which he just went home.

He came out at about 8PM and headed to Seyi’s place where they both disappeared into a lonely street off admiralty way.They stopped in front of a beautiful duplex where 2 girls came out of the house to welcome the guys.

As soon as the guys went into the house, Emmanuel stopped a few houses away from the building. Took out what look like a radio, and started to tune to a particular frequency.

Earlier on at the bank, Emmanuel had collided intentionally with Kelechi in the banking hall and secretly sneaked a tiny receiver shaped like a button into the tiny front pocket of Kelechi’s jeans.

Kelechi was furious at the stupid retard that wasn’t looking  before colliding into other people. He muttered “fat sloppy bastard” slowly as he walked away from him.

Emmanuel was praying that Kelechi would wear the same jeans as earlier on when he planted the bug on him and luckily for him, it was only the polo top he changed.

Tuning the listener and receiver to the same frequency wasn’t very tedious, a little turning the knob left and right gave him the perfect clarity he needed. He muttered to himself “Thank you, eBay..”

He had bought several gadgets from eBay to ease his little fledging assassin work, very thankful he bought this one. Their voices came alive in the radio. He could hear their conversation with the ladies.

Seyi asked: So, Kemi what do you have for us today ?

Kemi replied: well, I’ve got 4 of my friends for you today, they are fresh

Kelechi replied estactically: Oh yes! That’s what we’re talking about.

Kemi continued: I have put them into different rooms, the first room is for you Seyi and the room down the hall is for Kelechi.

Kelechi was about to move to his room when he stopped and looked back like a bright idea just flashed into his head.

Kelechi proposed: How about we use the same room this time around?

Seyi replied: Hmmmm Orgy??????

Kemi replied: the girls have no choice plus I took them separately, they don’t know themselves from anywhere.So, no reason for them to be shy.

Seyi replied: with N100,000 for a night, I don’t think they will have a choice.Moreover, we’re due for another one.

Kemi went into the first room to take the two other girls to the second room.Kelechi was looking at their direction. He saw what he liked, the ass on the last girl was impressive to him.

Emmanuel was wondering what a life these guys were living. Sadly, this would be the last orgy they would have. All sorts of sounds started coming over the radio, the reception had started going bad.

Emmanuel sat in the cab and organized for the rest of his plan.

3 hours later, Kelechi & Seyi came out of the building and drove off. As they came out of the building. Emmanuel called the driver of the LAWMA PSP truck waiting at entrance gate of Lekki Scheme 1.

He alerted the driver about a red 2010 Toyota Corolla S, with 2 passengers. The truck driver started his truck and proceeded to third mainland bridge to conclude the plan.

Kelechi drove like he was auditioning for the transporter movie, speeding off back to the mainland.

They were gisting and laughing about the orgy they just finished, Kelechi couldn’t sleep out, his wife was that troublesome. Seyi had to succumb to his friend’s request even at the dead of the night. Seyi confirmed from Kelechi when the assassins would kill Lana,and celebrating how they would become Alhaji Hassim’s new allies, they had already sent cars to Karim, brand new GL450 and Bentley Continental GT. They were sure sending the cars and eliminating Lana would give them the shot.

The time was 2:45am in the morning. Kelechi was lost in the joy of their last espionage  that it was too late for him to swerve successful away from a broken down LAWMA truck in the middle of the road just some few meters after the Herbert Macaulay exit. His abrupt swerve from the truck ran him into the concrete divider of the bridge, damaging the front of the car beyond repair.

The airbag deployed but they weren’t able to keep Seyi alive as he wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

Seyi hit his head on the windscreen of the car, killing him instantly. Kelechi lost all consciousness with his head resting lifelessly on the steering wheel.


Emmanuel and the  driver of the abandoned truck  moved close to the accident scene. Emmanuel grabbed his 9mm, strutting his fat flabby arms as he walked down; the driver brought along with him a car jack. They both got to work as they lifted the bodies away from the car onto the floor.

Emmanuel use the car jack to break off the whole windscreen of the car, checked them for pulse, they were both dead, they dumped their bodies into the water.

They got into their cars and drove into the night.

When Emmanuel got home, he sent Nikky a text, saying done!


Lana’s sleep was cut short by the incessant call from Nikky. She had called about 4 times earlier that night. He loves his 10 hours over night sleep; he always said anything that will cut it short asides from sex had better be paying him instant cash.

Nikky had become an important part of his life after their first meeting at Rehab and then with the not so fantastic news that he might not be the only running for the new associate to Alhaji Hassim’s crew.

Lana picked up his phone, and answered Morning Nikky,

Nikky replied: Lana, i have called you for over 4 times, anyway, Its done!

Lana replied sarcastically: Morning to you too, am fine, my night was fine, thanks for asking and what exactly is done?

Nikky managed to giggle a little bit

Nikky continued : Kelechi & Seyi are dead and gone

Lana got out of bed and paced nervously around the room, it then dawned on him that he had just murdered his close friends and business partners.

Nikky continued: they had an organized accident last night while coming back from an orgy in Lekki Phase 1.

Lana was speechless for a moment and then replied: How exactly did it happen?

Nikky replied: why are you bothered about the details

Lana replied getting impatient: you killed people on my behalf, I need to know how they died,what sort of accident was it?

Nikky caved in and replied : The assassin left  a broken down vehicle around third mainland bridge, it was too late for your friends to manoeuvre around the truck, they swerved into the concrete slab almost diving into the water, it was the impact of the attack that killed them.

So, I guess that’s the end of your troubles?

Lana replied: Hmmm

Nikky replied: Isnt that what you wanted?

Lana replied: Nope, that wasn’t what I wanted, that was what you wanted, Nikky. I have known those guys for a couple of years now, we were friends and business partners.

Nikky replied: They have also been trying to kill you, Lana!

Lana replied: I haven’t had any attack yet. I don’t even believe your stories anymore!

Nikky replied getting furious: You think I’m selling you a fake story?

Lana replied: There isn’t a lot of proof to justify your story, Nikky.

As he continued his argument with Nikky over the phone, he moved to the window and looked down at his gate from his room on the top floor of the duplex; he saw the small gate of his house open ajar. It was very unusual that the gate would be open at 7am in the morning.

His house staff couldn’t be awake, they we’re heavy sleepers, unless he called, they don’t wake up.

He told Nikky, he would call her back, she dropped the call. Looked deeply into window. He saw blood dripping out of the chest of his gateman lying lifelessly in a secluded corner of the house.

He was shocked and confused, definitely more confused. This must be the arrangement Seyi and Kelechi made to kill him. His security people should be downstairs.

As a technology-crazy guy, he had installed cameras everywhere, hidden cameras.

He ran to his door to make sure it was locked, the door was securely locked. He moved to his bed side table, slid open his iPhone and navigated to the app for the cameras, Lana started scrolling through all the cameras, he found his chef soaked in his house blood in his hallway.

He flipped through the hidden cameras, he couldn’t find them in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom downstairs, and they were nowhere to be found.

The last place to check was the staircase; the flipped to that camera and saw 2 well armed men walking up towards his bedroom.

It wasn’t new to him that people were trying to kill him. However, the new thing here was that they had been able to kill his security details.

His bodyguards were his last line of defence; they have never failed him until today. He went to the drawer beside his bed, brought out his own handgun, his black revolver, the most powerful handgun ever made.

He loaded it with bullets, he knew the guys were trained and their outfits looked different. He heard footsteps faint then they became loud and then it went dead. He was sure they had gotten to his door.

Lana summoned all the courage left in him as a man; they called out his name and told him to open the door. He remained silent looking at them through his phone.

A million and one thoughts ran through his mind.

He was sure, it would take a while to break the door, he would use that time to think of something to save his life

The assassin called out his name and told me Lana, you knew this was coming, didn’t

Lana still remained silent.

Lana heard shots but the shots were not on the door, the hallway was silent, he didn’t hear anyone talk anymore.It sounded more like a gunfight in his hallway.

Someone gently knocked on the door and said

Lana Reis: please open up, the Assassins are gone.

Lana replied: if they are gone, then who are you?

The voice replied: My name is Chike Onihevo, am with JTF

Lana muttered the name to himself, there is no way am getting caught now, am this close to my dreams. The camera had been destroyed in the gun battle, making him blind to what was happening outside.

Lana replied, what do you want from me?

Chike replied hysterically: I just saved your life, wouldn’t you thank me to my face atleast ?

Lana replied: This door is re-inforced steel, with this thickness, you would need more than bullets to open the door

Chike replied: I know, that’s why we brought C4, I know it wouldn’t bulge at the beginning but with the amount we brought, your whole house will come down and am super sure, you’ve got things you still cherish in this house plus by then it would mean you’re breaking the law.

Lana replied with confidence: How?

Chike replied with a firm voice: Lana, you’re resisting arrest that is an offence. Moreover, we’re only here to talk to you not to arrest you.

Lana wanted to trust the guy that saved his life, but they were government people.

There is an emergency exit he created when he moved in to the house; the exit was in the roof of his bathroom. Lana expertly moved into the roof of the bathroom and made his way out of the house, he jumped into the vacant piece of land behind his house.

The vacant plot was occupied by some touts, as soon as they saw Lana, they all hailed him and passed him a joint. He dragged twice and returned it. He moved to a part of the land, and dug for a bit and pulled out a backpack, changed into fresh clothes and took cash he left in the bag, about N100k. He gave the boys N10k and headed out to the main road to get a cab.

Just when Lana thought he had gone out free, he was walking down the road when a car stopped by him and asked him if he wanted a lift, he turned it down.

Lana continued on his journey by foot but the driver of the car was very persistent. He used the car to cross him down and stepped out. Lana still tried to be nice when he noticed another car stopped behind as well.

The driver approached Lana and said: I think I know you

Lana replied nicely: I don’t see how that’s possible, I don’t remember your face. I am very good with faces and yours is very unfamiliar.

The driver responded with a smile: Really?

Lana replied affirmatively: Yes!

The driver stretched forth his hand in introduction: My name is Chike Onihevo

Lana replied with a smile: Shit! Shaking his hands back in return.

Chike replied: Why would you say shit! Am not the devil!

Lana replied: I see no difference between you and the devil especially with people we work with.

Chike replied: Oh common, I only work the government and you’re stealing government resources.

Lana replied, turning his eye away from the early morning sun: Don’t say it like that, when you say it like that it sounds depressing. How about if we call it wealth re-distribution?

Chike replied,  as they settle to sit on the bonnet of Chike’s car: Hmmm, What a fancy name to call Oil bunkery considering you are not giving the loot to charity.

Lana replied: I bet you know most of our Godfathers are Highly placed politician and retired Generals.This isn’t business for an average Nigerian, you of all people should know that.


Chike replied: I am getting bored with this conversation.

Lana replied: Well, you started the conversation, Chike.

Chike replied: Alright, I’m interested in secret information I think you might be able to provide.

Lana replied: Why will I want to talk to you? Not to talk of giving out secret information?

Chike replied: I know some very effective persuasion techniques, my friend.Moreover, i hate to impound that your custom Range Rover. It’s not bad for a government agent or what do you think?

Karim’s life was sweet, he was no longer required to bust pipelines and lift oil. His work was a little more subtle, ever since he got into the big league, he got things even before he needed them especially this season when the privileged information that Alhaji Hassim was recruiting for new associates got to him.

In the last couple of weeks, he had collected over 10 cars from people who felt he could influence the decision of them joining in. He would make tonnes of money selling the cars. His plan was to sell all of them but he changed his mind and would rather keep 2 of the best and sell out the 8 remaining ones. The cars were exotic, the least one will cost about N8M, calculating N64M from nothing but just been in charge of a job position.

His job these days seemed like he was working with the DPR (Department of Petroleum Resources). Do you know what kind of bribe those guys get?

A new envelope was dropped for his driver to give to him this early morning as he made his way out.

As Karim’s driver drove out of the gate into Bourdillon road, he opened the envelope and found keys and a note along with the keys, they note read

Here is the key to a luxury flat in Dubai, fully paid for. All the documents in your name when you open the door.

 JB +2348099987763

Karim laughed out loud in the car, his driver Musa wanted to ask but it’s not always a good idea to question your boss’s action. So, he ignored.

Karim had been receiving gifts from this JB man for a few weeks now, last week he enveloped a Bank of America cheque of $120,000 to Karim.He was sure, the JB guy knew exactly what he wanted, so he decided to give him a call.Karim rang the number, the voice on the other side of the phone answered

Good morning Karim, I thought you’d have called sooner?

Karim replied JB, I have been receiving your gifts for a couple of weeks now, how may I help you?

JB replied: My name is Jibola Balogun, I just have one request for you. I hope you can help me?

Karim replied: let’s hear it.

Jibola replied: The new positions Alhaji put in your charge are still open right?

Karim replied: Yes, they are still available. It’s all yours if you want it?

Jibola replied: I have no interest in it but it should never go to Lana Reis & Nikky.


The line went dead.


Jibola thought to himself, Nikky tried to kill me to steal what I built with Yemi and now wants to sit on top of the world.Meanwhile on the night Jibola was attacked.A stranger saved Jibola after the Policemen beat him and stabbed violently several years ago. It took several surgeries and staying underground for him to be back in business.


The stranger happens to be the only surviving daughter of Alhaji Hassim’s mentor. The man who started the enterprise of Oil bunkery, the dead Army General. The General revealed the tricks and network of the trade to Alhaji Hassim. Behind every great fortune, there is a great crime. Alhaji Hassim not only betrayed the General but also sought to destroy everything the General had. She changed her identity when she survived the wiping out of their entire family by the skin of her teeth

With family wealth of over $3 Billion submitted humbly to the JB’s mastermind, Jibola had everything he needed to save his in-law’s name and also annihilate Nikky.

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