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17 Awosika: Season 2 Episode 6

I hope I’m back this time around to finish this for you guys. I have received numerous emails to continue this and I think I’m ‘ginja-d’ to do this…

Please enjoy the 6th episode


“I keep telling you to stop taking these sugary things, Martin”, Kemi said to him.

“How come you don’t trust me to take care of myself, I know how I regulate these thing, just have a little faith”, Martin replied sounding like the Orijin Zero guy from the radio ad.

It was around 6.30pm in the evening, they were at Shoprite in Lekki at the groceries section, shopping for the weekend and the week coming in, supplies were running low in the house.

Martin was pushing the cart around while Kemi grabbed the items off the shelf and dropped them in.

For him, it was a pretty straight forward adventure, he could be in and out of the mall in 20 minutes depending on the queue at the check-out point, he tried his best to keep it together, having to go back to her behind while he was pushing for them to speed this up because he wanted to be home doing something else, he could atleast catch up on his own shows before Kemi was done and they could watch the shows they share in common together, SUITS!!!

On their way to the check-out, she drew pushed the cart towards the fruits section, Martin was getting frustrated as they’ve been in here for over an hour just to buy little household stuff. She bought apples, grapes and other fruits.

In sorting the cart, she found bread that he had stashed deep down, she grabbed the bread and went to the baked food end, swapped it out with wheat bread.

He just stood there waiting for her to come back, when she arrived, she looked at him and asked

“Why are you still buying bread that isn’t made with wheat”

“Because those ones taste better. Quite straight-forward explanation baby” He replied with sarcasm.

“We’re trying to conceive and it feels like I’m the only one in this predicament” She said.

“Why aint you bothered, Martin. Instead of staying away from sugar, you’re guzzling it like an idiot.” She inquired

“Because it will happen in its due time. Everything has its time, God’s time is the best.” He said to her, not convincing her one bit.

On their way out of the mall, they ran into Tinuke Ajayi, with a seven-year old boy who was a splitting image of Martin.

Martin couldn’t look at all but he managed a quick glance. Kemi would murder him there instantly, but flashes of their lovemaking sped through his mind like Barry Allen, she was looking fly and hot in the black leather pant with nice orange tank-top.

“Hello Martin” Tinuke said,

“Hi Tinuke” He replied.

“This must be your wife, Kemi that you told me about. She is as pretty as you described her” She continued to dose whatever tension the wife might feel with the way Martin scanned through her like they would never see him do that.

“Kemi, meet Tinuke, our client from work. She just moved back from the States to start a new business branch office here.” Martin said

Kemi tried to be enthusiastic about it but the young boy was distracting her. He looked like carbon copy of Martins, she had seen a pic of him at his parent’s house, and that’s the same look she saw here.

“Hi Tinuke, how are you doing, such a handsome boy. How old is he?” Kemi said with a fake smile, also trying to find out more.

“He’s seven years old. Thank you, Kemi. He’s a really troublesome but a sweet boy” She replied.

“It is a pleasure to see you and your wife, our movie is about to begin now” Tinuke said, hugging Kemi and Martin.

They all seemed warm and cordial, but it isn’t all that.

As they both walked back to their car, they were both silent, each in his/her thoughts. Martin thinking that has got to be his son while she thought he has a son out of wedlock that he never told her about? No wonder he isn’t really bothered that they’ve not conceived.

The boy is also troublesome as well?

Martin emptied the cart into the boot of the car, and they both got in. As soon as they both strapped on the seatbelts, Kemi looked him in the eye and said.

“Her son looks exactly like you. Do you know previously before work?”

Martin looked straight ahead, thinking in his head that this is Martin Jr, Kemi’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“No wonder you ain’t bothered that I haven’t conceived yet. That is your son, how come you didn’t tell me? You lying double-faced asshole” Kemi said.

“How could I have been so stupid to believe you and your lies. That’s your child, isn’t it? ” Kemi continued.

“Kemi… It’s not what you think” Martin tried to explain, this will be a long fight, he thought to himself as he drove home.

He knew he would need to call in the Calvary for this, this is not a joking matter anymore as she could read from his facial expression that he definitely knew her from somewhere.

He would need the big guns to settle this? It’s even worse as she could see the living proof. He might have to bring in his ancestors to appease her.

Seye’s first instinct was to go after him, but he was in the middle of nowhere, he watched as Nnamdi sped off into the open road. The other bike was severely damaged.

Nnamdi assassinated the Governor? Seye found it impossible to fathom. Just as he was about to bring out his walkie-talkie to call for support, his mobile phone started to ring. He brought it out, the screen was smashed, must have happened during the fight.

It was Niyi on the line, “Sir, I think we have a suspect on the bomb blast, we think its Nnamdi”

“I think you’re right because he just assassinated the governor of Borno state” Seye said, spitting out blood.

“How is this possible?” Niyi asked Seye.

“There has to be another explanation for this” Seye said.

As they stood there, another call came into the landline where they were.

The voice over the phone said, “Niyi, someone wants to speak with you and he said it’s very urgent”

“Please, Aisha, we can’t do this now, we’re in the middle of something very important, let the person speak to Pius” Eric said

“Sir, the person on the line said his name is Nnamdi, that you would want to speak with him” Aisha said.

The room went silent for 5 seconds, with everyone exchanging glances.

“Seye, hold on… we are gonna patch you through now. Nnamdi is on the landline” Niyi said

“Aisha, please connect him and patch Seye through as well.” Eric said

“Nnamdi, you’re on with Niyi, Seye and I” Eric said

“Guys, I’m sure a lot of things are unclear to you right now. I can explain all of them but not right now” Nnamdi said

“I saw you flee Maiduguri after assassinating the Governor” Seye said, trying to make sense of the situation.

“Like I said, I can explain all of this but not right now. I need your help” Nnamdi said

“Please go ahead, Nnamdi” Niyi said

“Right now, there is a big scheme at play and its gaining momentum, I was at the foot of Third mainland bridge, I knew about the explosion at the Gospel concert at Obalende. Seye, I think a coup is about to happen and I have been instrumental in achieving this but I have done all this in duress.” Nnamdi explained hurriedly

“Under duress?” Niyi asked

“My family have been under constant surveillance, the safety of my family has been because I have cooperated with their plans and executed them to the last letter till now”

“What do you mean till now” Seye asked.

“While I fled Maiduguri, I am currently on the run from you guys and my abductors which means my family will be in jeopardy once they find out this has happened” Nnamdi said.

“Please you need to get my family to safety first, you have to do that now. Please” Nnamdi pleaded.

“You need to turn yourself in if we help you with this, do we have an agreement?” Seye pleaded.

“Sure, I just need to sort out something first” Nnamdi said.

“You guys need to move now, They are supposed to hear back from me in 30 minutes time. Please! If they don’t, it’s trouble. These are very dangerous and highly connected set of people” Nnamdi pleaded with them.

“We will send you a coded message” Eric replied

When he finished the conversation, he bought the worn-out mobile phone with the cash he founded in the dead soldier he took over his uniform.

“How do we approach this guys” Eric asked.

“You guys do what you’ve got to do, just let me know when the family is secure.” Seye said and hung up the phone.

“Infiltration is our best bet since we don’t have time for a recce, please get Susan and Bolu, they’ll be ideal for this mission.” Niyi said.

BK and Frank just listened and watched it all.

“Is that why no one has come out of Nnamdi’s flat for the past couple of days?” BK asked

“Is there anyway I can help”, BK continued.

“Just sit tight” Eric said as he and Niyi exited the room to go meet with Susan, Bolu and a 2 other guys as support for the mission.

The time was a little after 4PM, the kids were back from the school. The monitoring team deployed to monitor them was hanging around the neighborhood in clandestine style.

3 of them were outside, while the other 2 were in the flat with them.

As they approached the street, driving at a cruise speed in other to ascertain where the sleeper agents could be, they noticed a rather heavily built man that looked to be an Okada man, which is unlike because of his look and physique, they were usually slim or fat but not exactly athletic build.

Someone from team came down from the Peugeot J5 parked a few blocks away went to meet him a relaxed atmosphere and said,

“Okada!!! Allen Roundabout”.

“Oga, I no dey go, go look for another okada”

The disguised okada man said one of the agents.

The agent remained where he was, the vulcanizer that he sat with also looked suspicious. The agent looked closely at him and the wooden structure behind had red semi-thick liquid seeping out of the bottom of the wooden structure, which pretty much looked like caked blood.

Looking further closely, the Vulcaniser didn’t have any sort of injury on his hand, it looked strong but devoid of injury which would have happened during his internship one way or the other.

The agent signaled the bus, as the vehicle approached the vulcaniser’s structure. He moved closer to the okada man and shot him twice with tranquilizers, enough to knock him out for 6 hours. He went down almost instantly, as the vulcaniser bent to get the gun from where he hid it, the agent shot 3 into his back.

The other team came down, and instantly moved the body into the vehicle while 2 hawkers came out of the mini-truck.

One selling Ewa Agoyin while the other was selling fresh bread.

They came and approached the house directly, opened the gate, joked with the new gateman and went to knock directly on Nnamdi’s flat, which was quite unusual. The gateman had never noticed beans seller in the house apart from BK’s flat.

Moreover, there is no one at home asides from Nnamdi’s house? Eno may have started eating Agoyin beans. Knowing that he is the new addition to the house, he went back in after allaying his own initial fear.

Susan began to knock on the door as she placed the bean pot infront of the door, and shouted “Elewa de o” [The beans seller is here].

The house was silent, everyone was held in the living room seated in front of the TV.

One of the captors signaled the other to go deal with it.

As he opened the door, the beans seller said “Aunty, Ati de” [Aunty, we have come]

The captor waved her hands in disapproval and said “Dey go, I no dey buy” [You can leave, we are not buying]. Mimicking Eno the housegirl.

The beans seller bent to pick a pack to sell the beans into and hand to her, then the captor came out more insisting that she didn’t want to buy, the bread seller behind was also unwrapping the bread while the captor came out more, she shot her twice, one in the chest and neck with tranquilizer dart.

She instantly fell to the ground, the noise that led to the second lady coming out as well to arrest the situation.

Both Bolu and Susan shot the second lady as well, thinking in their mind such amateurs.

They both got into the house, and secured the family, they came out, signaled the driver of the J5 to come around. The bus came in and they took in the family.

As the car was about to zoom off, the gateman came out of the compound with his phone, and said

“We have lost the family, I repeat. We have lost the family.”

“Awaiting your command, I have the vehicle in sight” He said as he went after the bus on foot.


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